We understand that people need fuel for a full day of shopping and browsing, yet when hunger comes the only option traditionally is a sit down meal, pastry or a sandwich. But what about when that is just too much, when all you want is a snack that is clean, tasty and fresh?

Chips are just that snack and have been enjoyed for generations. All of our chips begin life as a potato on a British family owned farm, chosen for size, taste and quality where they are cleaned, peeled and cut into the delicious end product. We then fry them in a revolutionary new machine giving us perfect consistency throughout, each having 40% less fat and oil than other snacks making that guilty pleasure....not so guilty! Chips are then loaded into our uniquely developed environmentally friendly bucket, ensuring that you enjoy the first chip just as much as the last and keeping them warm along the way.

Finally you choose the sauces, with over 20 toppings to chose from including fresh guacamole and salsa, parmesan and garlic or even a habanero spice, the choice is completely yours and with over 400 possible varieties, your imagination is the only thing stopping you from discovering the best! Each order comes with fair trade wooden forks sourced from ethically grown bamboo trees which won’t absorb any of the flavour and stays strong for the whole use making sharing your different chips with friends much easier!

Choose your potato "Start with the Basics":


Fresh Fries
Nothing regular about these


Fresh crisps


Sweet Potato
Delivered from Africa

Season them "Make them fancy":


Himalayan Pink Sea Salt


Rosemary Infused Salt


Chilli Spice

Top it off "Add that curb Appeal":

Genuine Mayonnaise

Garlic Mayonnaise

Real Ketchup

Chilli Ketchup

Asian Peanut Sauce

Fancy Sauce

Guacamole and Salsa


Honey Mustard

Cheese Sauce

Sweet Chilli

Shaved Parmesan

The Chips a GoGo sales strategy has been extremely succesful in soft launches: capturing 10% of footfall accross given events based on units with an attractive image to meet the desires of a varied mix of consumers. With an overwhelming positive response for the product and the offering as a whole, Chips a GoGo is seeking to replicate the successes across more locations.

A RELIABLE PARTNERSHIPThe team will work with landlords to give the most mutual benefit possible including redesigning unit layouts and schemes to increase value and perception of centres, units and malls.

FULL BACKUPChips a GoGo will work tirelessly both before and after the opening of retail units with its experienced and qualified staff to ensure that there are smooth operations from day one. In addition we provide city and regional managers who are available to regularly liaise with you on issues.

A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGYWe support your locations by assisting in driving footfall. Upon agreement of terms, we begin marketing and advertising through our strong social media following, special offers and local business partnerships. With our optimum units being c.200sqft and our use of patented plug and play catering equipment, we are able to fit in to most spaces assisting with your commercialisation targets.

GUARANTEESWith full financial backing, Chips a GoGo is able to guarentee longetivity of the brand and its own ability to meet obligations under any agreement. With each unit being owned and operated solely by the brand, we offer a security that most comparable businesses could not.

LOCATIONSWe are constantly seeking new opportunities to grow our brand and make use of introducers on a daily business. Fill in the contact form and someone from the team will be in touch within 24 hours.

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